The always awkward introduction

So, I’ve never really written any sort of blog before. I have however written a journal or a “man diary” in the past. And although that may sound a little gay, I assure you I am anything but, “not that there’s anything wrong with that” (Seinfeld, 1993). Anyways the point here is that I feel that the style of writing in a diary is very similar to that of a blog. I did some researching on blog introductions and found everything from people who literally just dive right into the topic of their blog, to people who feel that their intro is actually an application to e-harmony, and let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach? Anyways I’ll make this simple, my name is Braydin, and I’m in a Media studies class, and I have to write these things twice a week. Oh, and I almost forgot, they have to be relevant to the course.

Considering this is one of the first weeks of school, the lectures for the class really haven’t been very detailed yet, they have mostly just explained how these blogs work. So there really isn’t much I can talk about in terms of the lectures. We do however, have to do a video documentary project, and that involves research. So perhaps I’ll enlighten you on what I have been researching. Hopefully it qualifies as relevant.

So for the documentary I have been looking into how  the internet has been replacing printed press, slowly at first but now much more rapidly, over the last decade or so. Essentially the entire document is about the  advantages and disadvantages the internet has over printed press. One of the advantages is that the internet can be used to report in real time, whereas printed news can only be sent out once a day, usually in the morning, when most of the days events have yet to take place. A gentleman by the name of Salaverría states here (page 4) that the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, was a perfect example of this. A Spanish website reported the attacks as they happened, on their website for the world to follow.

Another advantage the internet has is its ability to link people to anything (and I mean literally anything). Because of this, the internet, and those who write the reports, can reference anything they want. If readers do not understand the reference they can simply click on a link that takes them to the work being referenced, and gets them back on track and they can then continue to understand the rest of the article. Obviously printed news does not have the ability to do this, and because of this news paper articles tend to be a bit larger than internet ones. Only because paper writers have to explain some of their references.

So there it is, four paragraphs that almost no one is ever going to read. One down, roughly twelve to go. I don’t really know how to sign off here, do I just keep rambling forever? Does it ever end? is that a squirrel over there?

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