small things amuse small minds

There are hundreds of thousands of funny videos on YouTube today. And seeing as this course deals a lot with YouTube, and also because this is my blog, today I am choosing to blog about what my favourite YouTube videos. In true Cracked form  I think I’ll count them down in a list:

#1: Michael Buble’s Feeling Good

Now obviously this video was not “made for YouTube” but people have been posting music videos on YouTube for years. It has become an internet version of MTV, only without all the guidos. Plus the only place I have ever actually seen this music video is in fact on YouTube, or on Michael’s website, so I consider this a permit-able video for the countdown (plus it’s my countdown, so try and stop me).

I find this video funny for a number of reasons. One being that it is obviously a parody of James Bond. Michael is all dressed up in a suit looking all bad ass and saving the world, or at least it’s assumed he’s saving the world, who knows he might be completely screwing us. Michael is James Bond, if Bond swing danced and beat up on women. If nothing else Michael succeeds in making every man on the planet who’s last name isn’t “Buble” or “Bond” look like a dirtbag,

If you fast forward the movie to approximately 1:22 you’ll see the second reason I find this movie funny. If you watch when they cut from the scene where the girl in white (presumably the security guard) and the men in the hard hats are walking down the hall, to the scene where more hard hat-wearing engineers seem to be sitting at a glorified pac-man machine from the eighties, you’ll notice the “fade-out” they use looks an awful lot like the CBC television symbol. Obviously Michael Buble is a Canadian, and so I just find it funny that they would choose to use that fade out in one of his videos, coincidence?

Finally there’s the fight scene at 2:26, to this I, and I’m sure you also, said “what the hell Michael?”. It is the strangest fight scene fight scene I have ever seen. I realize that they can’t show a lengthy fight in a music video because there simply isn’t enough time. But I mean come on! What was happening there? It just looked like a few quick shots of the most awkward game of Twister ever played. And also let’s be honest here, Michael Buble stopped those women with nothing more than his good looks and charm.

#2: Dye your hair red at home

This one is just plain hilarious, whether the producer realizes it or not. For starters look at the title, when you read a title such as “Dye your hair red at home” you would probably assume that you are going to see some step-by-step video on how to dye your hair. Well, you my friend would be wrong… DEAD WRONG. Essentially what happens here is this woman talks about dying her hair for almost two minutes, and the only thing close to instructions we get is “I ahh, I started actually on the lower part of my hair first, the roots, the bottom, then worked my way towards the top because I figured since I had just dyed my hair a couple days ago I didn’t need to have the part around my face be like flamingly [yeah, apparently “flamingly” is in fact a word] red. And ahhh yeah, I left it on for about 25 minutes, followed the instructions, and here you go, I have red hair.” I mean only an idiot would not be able to take the detailed information she just provided and easily dye their hair red. So what happened here is, this girl wasted two minutes of our time to explain that the best way to dye your hair at home is to, you guessed, follow the instructions provided on the box. Thanks a lot. Hilarious.

#3: Jake and Amir: Jake’s Twitter

Jake and Amir are a classic comedy duo that consist of a straight-man and a funny man. They have been making videos for a few years now, and I have recently started following their series. I find pretty much all of their stuff hilarious, but I figured because this blog is meant to relate to new media somehow, this one was at least somewhat relevant (seeing as it is about Twitter and what not).

#4: Duly Appointed Federal Marshals

This last video is actually a clip from a major motion picture. However I find it funny because it just goes to show that you can literally find anything on YouTube. All I did to find this clip is type in the words Leonardo is speaking (“Duly Appointed Federal Marshals”) and the first three videos that appeared were almost identical. All three were of this clip from the movie Shutter Island. I mean don’t get me wrong, the Boston accent Leonardo DeCaprio uses in this movie is a huge part of what makes this clip funny. But because you can also find this movie on DVD, I feel that the real humour is in the fact that the clip is actually on YouTube, and that you can find literally anything on the internet, if you’re willing to look.

So there it is, four videos that I found funny on YouTube. All four have almost nothing in common, other than the fact that I find humour in them, and they can all be found on YouTube. Hopefully reading this hasn’t taken up too much of your time, because I can assure you writing it has not taken up much of mine at all.

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