Cowboys and Indians

Reading week has come and gone, and so too has the deadline to publish/submit a video documentary for this class. If you are interested in seeing the one I completed with my partner feel free to click here.

Now the problem that I am going to have in writing this week’s blog is that I skipped Friday’s lecture to finish editing and re-shooting some of the video so I do not really know what Dr. Strangelove talked about for the hour and a half that I was meant to be in class. Tuesday’s class seems like ages ago because Reading week tends to have that effect on students… So I don’t really have much to write about.

I remember Strangelove lecturing about how certain television networks lobbying to have internet service providers (ISPs) to be regulated and taxed similarly to television networks such as NBC, ABC and CBC. One of the readings Strangelove posted on his blog was about this, it was posted a few weeks ago, I read it via my iPhone and now I am having trouble finding the link on my laptop, when I do find the link I will post it.

making a note-to-self

Anyways the lobbying thus far has been unsuccessful according to both the reading and Strangelove, but some day who knows what could happen. I can understand why the networks would want the ISPs to be regulated the same way the networks are, but at the same time it’s kind of like regulating the people selling Televisions because they are hooked up to cable and satellite supplies. The companies providing the internet service should not be regulated because they sell a product that can be used to view Television and Movies.

this is what a Television looks like, for those of you reading this and wondering

If there was to be some form of regulation I suppose the best way to go about doing it would be on a website to website basis. However obviously this would never work because websites can just be shut down and moved to other places, as seen recently with the government ‘intervention’ in MegaUpload. The American government decided to close the Mega websites, and yet, I and countless others still had no problem finding TV and movies to watch on the internet.

Tell it again

The point is that the internet has gotten to the point that it’s too big to fail, or be stopped for that matter. The regulation of the internet can only result in hopeless amounts of money being spent on a lost cause. The internet is the wild west, and cowboys do not appreciate rules and regulations. as shown in the closing video:


peaceful warfare

I (@bfrizell)  have survived my week without Twitter! It’s a miracle. honestly it was not nearly as hard as I expected. I went through minor withdrawals and some of my friends got a little upset with me for texting them a lot more this week. Apart from that though it really wasn’t very difficult. I just had to tell myself when I thought of something I would typically Tweet, not to reach for my phone because there was no way for me to access my Twitter account.

this dog in a trench coat really helped get me through the hard times

However now that I am back on Twitter it feels great, I’m not going to lie, I really do enjoy reading other peoples random and typically useless thoughts, as well as contributing my own.

Anyways enough about my Twitter addiction; for now. This week in class Strangelove talked about how Google and Apple and corporations similar to those organizations do not sell products, such as phones and computers etc, but rather they sell information. Basically what he was saying is that it does not cost Apple 700 dollars to make a single iPhone even though that’s the price they charge for the phone. What Apple is selling is the information inside the iPhone, all the technology and research that went into making that iPhone. The same can be said for Google and Facebook, they make their money selling information, information about their users to corporations for advertising and marketing purposes. ‘Ads By Google’ are all over the internet, almost every website one visits these days is littered with them, and this is because they are cheap and they can be mass produced across the web to multiple demographics and target markets.

oh perfect! Just what I needed, solar panels and to be reminded that I'm getting older

Professor Strangelove in Friday’s lecture talked about a few, more abstract, concepts as well. Concepts such as sex tapes and masturbation. However, before he went off on a tangent, Strangelove was initially talking about how international trade agreements such as NAFTA and the EU are forms of warfare.  This statement really intrigued me because I had never thought of trade agreements like that before. But after Strangelove explained what he meant I completely agreed with him. Countries such as the USA agree to trading partnerships with like NAFTA because they know we have raw materials that they need and they know we need an economy to sell our materials. However, what the US also knows is that our need for a large, and relatively close, economy outweighs their need for our raw materials. With this in mind the USA uses their power in order to sway the outlines in the agreements. The US ca use their trading power as a way of getting what they want in other industries, such as the media and marketing. The US can change the laws of the nations it neighbors, and this abuse of power can be considered a ‘peaceful form of warfare’.

so there it is, another week another blog. I’m exhausted now so I’m going to take a quick nap before class.

here's a picture, goodbye


I always feel like someone is watching me…

So here we are, week number two, blog number two. This week, on Tuesday, Strangelove lectured about security and how our society, through technology is rapidly growing into an Orwellian society. London, England was mentioned as an example, and Strangelove presented the idea that over the course of a typical day in London the average citizen is caught on camera an insanely huge number of times. This at first made me uncomfortable, knowing that one day large Canadian cities could be similar to London in terms of the number of closed circuit monitors.


Ottawa 2015: is there no where in this city a guy can scratch his ass without being seen?!?!?!

I was very concerned, however then I got to thinking a bit, which is never a good idea, but I did it anyways. I started thinking about social media and mostly Twitter. My partner and I are going to be doing our video documentary on Twitter and how humans have become addicted to social media. I myself am a Twitter addict, I find it is a great way to share thoughts with people without pissing them off because you’re talking too much. I know that the people who read my tweets follow me because they are interested in what I have to say, and I know that if said followers decide that my 140 character thoughts are not interesting enough for them anymore then they are free to stop following me.


this guy just realized how bad my Tweets really are #unfollow

I realized that the addiction to Twitter and the idea of sending Tweets, or any other form of social media update, is completely Orwellian in nature. The concept of telling the world, and by world I mean internet, your location, your thoughts, and what you’re doing. I Googled my name the other day and I came up a lot more times than I had expected. I’m not trying to sound like a narcissist, and I know that there are privacy setting I can enable to block my name better. The point, however, is that I believe society has become a mass grouping of narcissists. Dr. Strangelove  touches on this notion in his book Watching YouTube. Strangelove mentions how YouTube is the ultimate place for narcissists to express themselves, YouTube allows anyone at anytime to say or do anything (with a few restrictions) on camera and share it with the world. Twitter and Facebook and other forms of social media are also narcissistic in nature and in doing so are contributing to the Orwellian society Strangelove has mentioned countless times. When one updates his or her status on Facebook or send a Tweet on Twitter or Checks-in on Foursquare etc they are pretty much letting ‘the Man’ know where they are, who they are with and what they are thinking.

I ran a Google search on 'The Man' and was saddened to discover this does not appear until the third page... what an awful world we live in

Should anyone of any significant power in our government or any other government need to know exactly where you are or were during the day, all they really need to do is check the internet, if you’re anything like me chances are you’ve tweeted or updated Facebook or a blog around that time.

the government will if you kill a guy

And for now that’s pretty much all I have to say. I used to end my blogs with an interesting video that I’ve found on my own time, or some music that is interesting me. But I am not sure if I am into that anymore. I could just end like a normal person… ahh what the hell, here’s a song just for kicks, it makes me happy to share.

the answer my friend is blowing in the [dust]

If the internet could get dusty, in the literal sense of the word, not in the ‘bro’ sense of the word, I think my blog would be pretty dusty.


Maybe not as dusty as Dusty ‘The Dustinator’ Springfield, but pretty dusty for sure

I clearly haven’t written in this blog for a while, and I find myself hating the new format of the WordPress Website… I can’t seem to figure out how to caption my pictures? I never thought I would complain about a format change, it seems very ‘high school’ but seriously how do I do this?

Anyways, I have a story. I’m sitting in my Qualitative Research class, just minding my own business, complaining about how I do not want to go to my next class, and the next thing I know my friend has switched me into a Dr. Strangelove course. So once again I find myself in a Strangelove lecture, looking up at him  standing on the desk, lecturing about how giving meaning to something is the most valuable commodity in our society. And to be perfectly honest I think he’s probably correct in saying that, because companies and governments work their asses off to convince the masses that their product is more than a product, it’s an idea. Unfortunately, for anyone who wanted to read more about that topic, I have already touched on that subject in one or two of me previous Blogs… Dig deep, it’s there I swear.


bacon is great isn’t it?

This Blog is going to be about something Dr. Strangelove mentioned in his lecture the other day. Strangelove mentioned how in the 1700’s if you wanted to mass produce  literature you needed two skills 1) the ability to make wine, or wine pressing and 2) the ability to make cannons and cannon balls, basically metallurgy. Now, I have studied that time in history in various classes, the Guttenburg press and all that jazz, and I had not ever heard anyone describe the creation as well as Strangelove did. Not the least bit poetic but, it sure is the God’s honest truth.

I have done the reading assigned for next class. And I have to say it was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. I loved the author’s  use of language, I don’t know if he was attempting to insert sexual double entendres (I seriously doubt he was) but he certainly succeeded. Words such as ‘dongles’ and ‘chafed’ are read in the first few paragraphs, and as a 12 year old trapped inside the body of a 20 year old they certainly brought to mind… Stuff…


I wanted to put up a picture that illustrated a double entendre unfortunately even with the ‘moderate safe search’ turned on they were all a little risky…

And for today I think that is enough. I’ve made some really poor jokes, I’ve made reference to the course (I work hard for my notes, I refuse to simply post them online for the world to see) and I may have even sparked an idea for my next blog. But for now this is goodnight, or good day, or good morning depending on when you read this.

Mr. Sunshine

Recently I have discovered something about myself, and that something is that from time to time it turns out I’m wrong about one or two things. As it turns out I have been wrong about a certain style of tee shirt. The shirt I am talking about here is the v-neck tee. I was under the impression that the v-neck was only for emotional teenagers who just aren’t understood, that or tanned men who only have three things on their minds, gym, tanning, and laundry. However on a  recent trip to Cuba I discovered that, as long as the cut is right, anyone can rock a v-neck.

we were there for seven days... not a single one of my buddies managed to take a picture of the beach

I set up a list of things  a v-neck should and should not ever do, because if there’s one thing that everyone needs when it comes to getting dressed in the morning it’s rules or guidelines. So I made my own things to look for when wearing a v-neck. These are my own rules that I made through observing not only myself, but also others.

1)      When wearing a v-neck, the cut is obviously going to be lower than other normal tees, that is after all the point of v-necks. However, the “v” in your v-neck should never go below your nipple line. I define nipple line as if you drew a line from your left nipple to your right nipple. Therefore your shirt should never be cut too low. Chances are if your v-neck does go below your nipple line then you’ve bought a girls shirt and it has been cut to make room for something that they have that men don’t. If this has happened to you, don’t bother trying to return said shirt, you’re an idiot for buying it in the first place, just cut your losses and don’t make the same mistake again.

get your shit together

2)      On the other hand, a v-neck is meant to be a low cut shirt. That being said, if you spend your days hitting the gym, tanning and doing laundry then make sure you get the right size shirt. I realize it must be awesome to have a body just jammed packed with muscles, and showing those muscles off must be pretty cool too. But please for the love of God just go one size up when picking your v-neck. From my observations I’ve noticed that most of the time GTLers have shoulders the width of a football field, and they like to wear shirts generally reserved for GAP kids stores. This is a problem when it comes to v-necks because generally when something small (v-neck from GAP kids) is put on something huge (shoulders) it stretches. This leads the “v” in your v-neck to stretch with it, and when you stretch a “v” it pretty much just disappears into a regular tee shirt, except because it isn’t meant to be a normal tee, it looks ridiculous. The usual effect is that the bottom of the “v” pulls up on the bottom of the shirt, and then leads to ones mid section being shown… which is just a terrible time. That or it looks like your shirt is strangling you.

3)      Like I said I made this list while on vacation in a tropical paradise. People on vacation are usually one of two things. 1) tanned or 2) bright red and peeling. If you find yourself the latter then you should probably avoid wearing a v-neck all together. I discovered that v-necks do not look so hot when ones chest looks like it recently caught fire. However if the only thing you brought with you on your vacation was v-neck tees then try not to wear the lighter coloured ones with the sun burn, AND STAY AWAY FROM RED, whatever you do, do not wear a red v-neck with a red chest… they don’t match.

sunscreen is a man's best friend sometimes

4)      Chest hair. All men, sorry most men, have it. If the boy scouts need a map to navigate your upper body then give it a trim before you throw on a v-neck.

you know who you are

5)      Wearing regular cut shirt under a v-neck is acceptable. Just whatever you do, make sure the two colours do not clash. Towards the end of the week I had a sun burn on my chest, and it hurt to wear a v-neck, but I was in love with them and desperately wanted to wear one my last day in paradise. So I put a normal shirt on underneath. I wore a pink undershirt with a faded purple v-neck. It looked fine… however there were others who made all kinds of stupid mistakes when picking their undershirts. My rule of thumb from now on is if you’re not sure if the two colours are going to clash then wear white underneath. Whatever you do though, do not wear an undershirt that matches your v-neck, there’s literally no point you’re just going to sweat more for none of the v-neck glory.

So those are my rules for v-necks. They’re a risky choice, but if you do it just right then they can lead to great things, just don’t get too cocky. Always remember “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

Go Big Or Go Home

Who ever said “go big or go home” clearly had no idea how to wear a tie. Ties are meant to add to a look, they are not meant to take over a suit, they’re made to compliment it, just add a little touch of shape and colour. The vintage thin tie is what I (and most people) have been into a lot lately. I find that they are perfect because you don’t have to wear them tight and high up on your neck, they look good loose. However should the occasion arise one can tighten up the tie and it still looks just as proper as the more traditional big Windsor knotted tie.

loose and classy

Therefore when choosing a tie, please make sure it is not too wide, otherwise it takes over your whole chest and there’s really no purpose to wearing a shirt in that event.

this is just a whole world of hurt

The above picture leads me to my next point. As important as it is to wear a tie that is the right size, it is also important to wear one with the right colour scheme. Now, I am no expert, but generally I think that a tie that matches the exact colour of ones shirt looks ridiculous. Le Chateau is a killer for this, their ties and shirts are almost always the same colours. Or, if not then they are too bright and tacky, and are accompanied by a plain white tie that just looks terrible. Unless you’re interested in dealing black jack on the strip I would personally try to avoid anything too colourful and solid. There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour, but when it is SOLID colour, or thick colour, then it becomes a problem. Essentially if it looks as though the shirt has been painted with pastels, then back away slowly and move on. If on the other hand you can clearly see that the material of the shirt is a certain colour then your better off. Essentially, you want the look of what your wearing to stand out, not the bright colours… Unless of course you find yourself working in construction sites or out hunting, then go ahead and stand out all you need.

I can't find an example so here's a man on a horse

Lastly, I have not seen this too much, but I have seen it enough that I feel it needs to be mentioned. Do not under any circumstances wear a plaid tie with a plaid shirt. I mean come on, are you insane?!?! It just looks  ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I like plaid, I personally own a  few plaid ties, and I also own one or two plaid shirts, but I never ever wear them together! No matter how much you may think they match, I can assure you they do not actually match.

Brad... I don't know h ow to say this, but I'm afraid you've made a horrendous mistake

So that’s my bit about ties. They are extremely important, if you are wearing a tie there is literally no stopping you; except for ceiling fans and wood plainers of course, watch out for those. Anyways for now I will leave you with something I found a little interesting this week, they’re just a fantastic band:

Summer Time Brah

I have a beer on my  desk that has replaced the stress ball, I’m not wearing socks, and the sun is shining, this can only mean one thing… School is over and my summer break has officially begun! As I write this blog (the first blog of my summer) I am listening to some amazing music. I am using a site that I stumble upon, it’s called 8tracks and it is quickly becoming my new favourite website. The idea i s super simple, people create and upload music playlists, and other can listen to them and comment on them. I myself have made an account and have been commenting on all sorts of playlists.

if my comments were art, they would look like this

The best part about the whole thing is that you can find people who like the same music as yourself, only because they’ve made a playlist of music, chances are they’ve found music that you’ve not heard before, but will like. It is a great way to find new music, which is important if your like me and need new music in order to survive.

It’s surprising, I thought that when the leash was removed and I could write about whatever I wanted on this thing, I would  have loads to talk about. However once again I find myself unable to think of anything (communication related or not) to write about. I have been thinking lately about fashion, but I don’t think I want this to turn into a fashion blog, but if I do choose to write about fashion there is one thing readers must understand, I am very interested in fashion, and I do write a blog, but I am ONLY interested in women. Not that I have anything against anyone who makes different lifestyle choices, I just do not wish to be misunderstood.

I subscribe to GQ magazine, and I really so have a thing for suits. I feel that there really is nothing a man can’t do, if he’s wearing the right suit. Which means it not only needs to have the right combination of colours and style, but it must also be correctly fitted. Now I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to dress, because thats  GQ’s job. But I do have some favourite items, or looks that GQ has had in their magazines over the course of my subscription, and I would be interested in sharing them.

Skagen Denmark

The first is this watch, or watch maker. Skagen Denmark is a watch and sunglass producer that I found thanks to GQ. I am in the process of ordering a watch from them. The watch is classy, but not fancy, which is something I would say is very important because it allows the owner to wear it with anything. The best part about it however is the price, it’s a nice watch for an affordable price. The only problem however is that Skagen Denmark only ships to the USA, they do not offer Canadian (or international) shipping. So I have had to make arrangements with a friend of mine in t he US to bring it home for me the next time he comes home from college.

In the event that someone at Skagen Denmark see's this post: Canada is the red country featured above.

Stuff like that really upsets me, just because I can get the watch sent to Watertown which is literally an hour and a half away, but I can’t get it sent to my house, just because I live outside of the USA. Anyways that’s going to be the post for now, because I’m done my beer and I haven’t read the entire issue for th is month, and I can’t remember anything specific I’d want to talk about in the older issues, but hopefully I can continue to write these blogs through out the summer as a means of keeping my mind  from turning into mush.

Next time I think I'll go on about ties, so you know... that could be exciting