the final post

so this is the last post I will be writing for Media Industries. Basically most of what was discussed in class today was what is going to be on the exam. Apparently cable cutting is important, so keep that in mind. Also Strangelove broke the computer.

not quite like this

Anyways, while he was discussing cable-cutting I realized I haven’t written a blog about cable-cutting, and what better time than right now to discuss it. Saving the best for last I suppose you could  say. Cable Cutting is the idea of individuals unsubscribing from their Cable providers because of services like Netflix and other internet television providers. Basically people are streaming their computers to their televisions for free (or the price their ISPs charge them for internet. Therefore, rather than paying for both cable and internet people are choosing to only pay for internet and watch TV shows and events over the internet.

the internet on your TV

Cutting Cable is something that I feel will potentially one day replace cable providers. The reason I can see the internet becoming the new TV is because the internet does not force you to pay for packages of content like the cable providers do. On the internet, as I mentioned in the last post, one can merely watch, subscribe or pirate whatever they want, whenever they want.

this is ought to get me some 'views'

So this is it I suppose, the last post for Media Industries. Hopefully I will find time to write during the summer, because usually I always get out of ‘writing shape’ over the summer and then my first essay of the year (come September) is just awful. I have enjoyed writing this blog, it has really kept me on my toes and has made me think about the internet and how the TV will probably never be fully replaced by the internet but rather the cable companies be replaced, or forced to become more user friendly and internet  based. And on that note it’s exactly two weeks until I leave fore Cuba.

thank you, it's been a pleasure. Have a nice Summer

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