The Jays home opener is tonight, and I noticed today that iTV offers MLB on it’s main menu. They want close to $150 for the season, which is a reasonable price I suppose for unlimited HD baseball but it lead me to think about Justin TV and Wiziwig websites that provide users with free streaming, mostly of live sports. The thing that really caught  my eye when I was reading through the rules and restrictions of the MLB subscription was that if one pays for the ‘premium’ package there are no black outs or regional restrictions. Which, I feel is one of the reasons one would choose to subscribe to the internet app ( versus the typical cable sports package. I also thought that the concept of now being able to subscribe to certain sports on the internet (i.e. NHL, NFL, and MLB) rather than having to buy the cable equivalent that will cost you a fortune for channels and games you are not interested in.

fuck the Red Sox

In my mind this is one of the reasons why the future does feature the use of the television as opposed to the computer monitor. I can envision a system where people subscribe to their favourite sports or shows, similar to how iTunes offers users seasons passes to various HBO and AMC television shows. If Television makes use of the internet and simply asks users to pay only for the high quality shows/live events they want to watch, as opposed to the packages the cable companies offer us currently. Because shows and sports will be payed for on an individual basis commercials will hopefully become a thing of the past.

one day you'll miss this oily muscle man

The idea of being able to pay for HD programming, and only the HD programming that you are interested in makes me extremely excited, because as of right now I pirate certain things from the internet, but I also pay for certain episodes of television such as Mad Men. The reason I pay for some things but not everything is because there are certain shows that I enjoy watching in high definition and there are others where I don’t mind picture quality suffering a bit as long as it’s free. I feel that however if shows and sporting events were more affordable, I would have no problem paying everything I watch. Presently however paying close to $100 for a UFC fight or a hockey game is a little too pricey for my budget.

way too Pricey

On that note I think this post is over. My lips are salty and the Jays just scored, so I have to allow my eyes to watch that instead of thinking about this blog. Now listen to this, it’s an oldy but a goody:

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