the future of Television, or something of that nature

I’m sitting in DMS at the end of the second floor hallway, in what I assume is the greatest writing/study location on campus. Seriously, the chairs are comfortable and the view is great, I can see the Mackenzie King Bridge and it’s Laurier or Nicholas (I can’t remember what the street is actually considered) intersection. Although it is not a particularly nice day, it is still a great view, I am very entertained. Seriously, if you ever get the opportunity to sit up here, go for it.

Anyways onto something more important. I have started reading the article Strangelove posted entitled ‘It’s (not) the end of TV as we know it’ and from what I’ve read so far, it appears that TV is in fact, contrary to popular speculation, not coming to an end. Seles writes about how even with the internet people are still watching more television than ever. The argument is that although people are not paying for TV as much, they are still watching their shows, pirated or not, on TV sets. The television will probably never become  completely extinct, it will just be integrated or upgraded in order to become more internet friendly. Because as Strangelove has the computer monitor and the Television are almost the same thing. they’re both made of LCD or plasma, and they both allow users to view whatever they want. That is four hundred words in my books, and that means this is the end of this post.

A lot of TVs these days are coming equip with internet access as well. For example I recently bought a new Television and as soon as I plugged it in it asked me to hook it up to my wireless internet. Strangelove mentioned in his class the other day about Apple and their Apple TV. My father recently bought an Apple TV box, and I have to say it’s  a pretty cool idea. As Strangelove put it however, it’s not that Apple is creating something genuinely new, but rather they are creating new relationships. I think what Dr. Strangelove means by this is that Apple is not trying to recreate the Television with their new Apple TV, but rather they are trying to change the way you and your TV interact, and the relationship between the TV and it’s audience. Because on Apple TV and on televisions that are internet friendly, the audience is constantly in control, the audience can choose exactly what they want to watch, and they can watch it whenever they want.

it's coming

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