Mickey Mouse, you need to go coastal

Today Strangelove was lecturing about the how piracy is becoming a form of mass media. He mentioned how shows like Dexter and Hero’s are downloaded or pirated more often than they are watched legally on TV or  PVRs. To me this isn’t  something that comes  as a surprise, simply because most people in Canada have internet in their house and are technologically savvy (especially the age groups of people that fit the demographic of those shows). Where as HBO (Dexter) and the network that hosts Hero’s is probably only subscribed to by certain individuals. where as I cannot think of anyone I know who does not have some form of internet, plus the internet is free in terms of not having to subscribe to certain channels like HBO and AMC.

this is worth 100 HBO subscriptions

Strangelove talked about how the corporations in the entertainment industry argue that piracy has gone up ten folds in the last ten years. However, this is only because the corporations have spent the last ten years lobbying, and successfully lobbying for that matter, to get the copyright laws in society changed. Therefore because the laws have been changed in favour of the corporations, obviously the piracy levels have increased. The corporations then use this apparent increase in piracy as an argument as to why the laws for copyright infringement should be harsher and easier to enforce.

the law

continuing on this route Strangelove lectured about how corporations want to control culture. Corporations wish to have ownership over certain aspects of culture, for an eternity. For example, in the past music and artistic copyrights lasted twenty years (I think this is the number Dr. Strangelove mentioned) and at the end of those twenty years the copyright was lifted and the work became a public work. However, Strangelove mentioned a group that were interested in making a movie that was based on a true story, only unfortunately for them the copyright to said story was already owned by another individual. However the copyright on the story or event was going to expire within the next year so the group figured they could hold off one year before they started to make their movie. That was at least until the individual holding the copyright got an extension on his copyright and now owned it for another twenty years. A similar case takes place every once in a while when the copyright that surrounds Mikey Mouse nears it’s expiration. Every twenty years or so, Disney pleas to have their copyright on their characters.

isn't it about time you retire you ol' bastard?

to conclude, here’s a song… go to town:

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