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Today marks the half way point of my total blogs for this class, so that’s exciting. Anyways, Strangelove has been talking about internet usage lately, or at least he showed a few videos that related to how today’s generation is growing up naturally understanding how technology functions, as opposed to the previous generation who had to suffer through learning the technology similarly to learning a new language.

the LOL edition

anyways we watched a movie about American kids and how they are becoming more and more involved on the internet, and about how the kids using the internet are becoming younger and younger. Most schools these days are teaching and incorporating internet and computer usage into their curriculum, some as early as kindergarten or grade one. The video really made me think about how learning to use technologies such as computers and the internet always came natural to me, and it made me think about my parents and how they are not on or have heard of half of the websites I use everyday.

this is a little gem they have yet to discover

The video then proceeded to show Korean children who have beenn forced to go to a form of rehab in order to get over their ‘internet addiction’, this I found a little disturbing but it kind of made sense that people would become addicted to something as amazing as the internet. I suffer from a similar addiction to my  iPhone.


ghost vibrate is a bitch

What really disturbed me was the fact that in Korea children as young as seven were learning songs about how the internet community works and they almost seemed brainwashed. It’s as though the internet was something that the kids at one time feared, but were now singing about. I’m no expert but I have been told countless times (especially as a child) that the internet is a dangerous place for children. I approve of children being taught how to use the internet at a young age, I just hope that they were not becoming too comfortable with the idea of the internet being a ‘friendly place’ to meet new friends.

not a place for seven year olds

Anyways that’s my two cents about the internet and Korea and how the two co-exist.

In Other news, this makes me happy:


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