Cowboys and Indians

Reading week has come and gone, and so too has the deadline to publish/submit a video documentary for this class. If you are interested in seeing the one I completed with my partner feel free to click here.

Now the problem that I am going to have in writing this week’s blog is that I skipped Friday’s lecture to finish editing and re-shooting some of the video so I do not really know what Dr. Strangelove talked about for the hour and a half that I was meant to be in class. Tuesday’s class seems like ages ago because Reading week tends to have that effect on students… So I don’t really have much to write about.

I remember Strangelove lecturing about how certain television networks lobbying to have internet service providers (ISPs) to be regulated and taxed similarly to television networks such as NBC, ABC and CBC. One of the readings Strangelove posted on his blog was about this, it was posted a few weeks ago, I read it via my iPhone and now I am having trouble finding the link on my laptop, when I do find the link I will post it.

making a note-to-self

Anyways the lobbying thus far has been unsuccessful according to both the reading and Strangelove, but some day who knows what could happen. I can understand why the networks would want the ISPs to be regulated the same way the networks are, but at the same time it’s kind of like regulating the people selling Televisions because they are hooked up to cable and satellite supplies. The companies providing the internet service should not be regulated because they sell a product that can be used to view Television and Movies.

this is what a Television looks like, for those of you reading this and wondering

If there was to be some form of regulation I suppose the best way to go about doing it would be on a website to website basis. However obviously this would never work because websites can just be shut down and moved to other places, as seen recently with the government ‘intervention’ in MegaUpload. The American government decided to close the Mega websites, and yet, I and countless others still had no problem finding TV and movies to watch on the internet.

Tell it again

The point is that the internet has gotten to the point that it’s too big to fail, or be stopped for that matter. The regulation of the internet can only result in hopeless amounts of money being spent on a lost cause. The internet is the wild west, and cowboys do not appreciate rules and regulations. as shown in the closing video:

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