peaceful warfare

I (@bfrizell)  have survived my week without Twitter! It’s a miracle. honestly it was not nearly as hard as I expected. I went through minor withdrawals and some of my friends got a little upset with me for texting them a lot more this week. Apart from that though it really wasn’t very difficult. I just had to tell myself when I thought of something I would typically Tweet, not to reach for my phone because there was no way for me to access my Twitter account.

this dog in a trench coat really helped get me through the hard times

However now that I am back on Twitter it feels great, I’m not going to lie, I really do enjoy reading other peoples random and typically useless thoughts, as well as contributing my own.

Anyways enough about my Twitter addiction; for now. This week in class Strangelove talked about how Google and Apple and corporations similar to those organizations do not sell products, such as phones and computers etc, but rather they sell information. Basically what he was saying is that it does not cost Apple 700 dollars to make a single iPhone even though that’s the price they charge for the phone. What Apple is selling is the information inside the iPhone, all the technology and research that went into making that iPhone. The same can be said for Google and Facebook, they make their money selling information, information about their users to corporations for advertising and marketing purposes. ‘Ads By Google’ are all over the internet, almost every website one visits these days is littered with them, and this is because they are cheap and they can be mass produced across the web to multiple demographics and target markets.

oh perfect! Just what I needed, solar panels and to be reminded that I'm getting older

Professor Strangelove in Friday’s lecture talked about a few, more abstract, concepts as well. Concepts such as sex tapes and masturbation. However, before he went off on a tangent, Strangelove was initially talking about how international trade agreements such as NAFTA and the EU are forms of warfare.  This statement really intrigued me because I had never thought of trade agreements like that before. But after Strangelove explained what he meant I completely agreed with him. Countries such as the USA agree to trading partnerships with like NAFTA because they know we have raw materials that they need and they know we need an economy to sell our materials. However, what the US also knows is that our need for a large, and relatively close, economy outweighs their need for our raw materials. With this in mind the USA uses their power in order to sway the outlines in the agreements. The US ca use their trading power as a way of getting what they want in other industries, such as the media and marketing. The US can change the laws of the nations it neighbors, and this abuse of power can be considered a ‘peaceful form of warfare’.

so there it is, another week another blog. I’m exhausted now so I’m going to take a quick nap before class.

here's a picture, goodbye


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