I always feel like someone is watching me…

So here we are, week number two, blog number two. This week, on Tuesday, Strangelove lectured about security and how our society, through technology is rapidly growing into an Orwellian society. London, England was mentioned as an example, and Strangelove presented the idea that over the course of a typical day in London the average citizen is caught on camera an insanely huge number of times. This at first made me uncomfortable, knowing that one day large Canadian cities could be similar to London in terms of the number of closed circuit monitors.


Ottawa 2015: is there no where in this city a guy can scratch his ass without being seen?!?!?!

I was very concerned, however then I got to thinking a bit, which is never a good idea, but I did it anyways. I started thinking about social media and mostly Twitter. My partner and I are going to be doing our video documentary on Twitter and how humans have become addicted to social media. I myself am a Twitter addict, I find it is a great way to share thoughts with people without pissing them off because you’re talking too much. I know that the people who read my tweets follow me because they are interested in what I have to say, and I know that if said followers decide that my 140 character thoughts are not interesting enough for them anymore then they are free to stop following me.


this guy just realized how bad my Tweets really are #unfollow

I realized that the addiction to Twitter and the idea of sending Tweets, or any other form of social media update, is completely Orwellian in nature. The concept of telling the world, and by world I mean internet, your location, your thoughts, and what you’re doing. I Googled my name the other day and I came up a lot more times than I had expected. I’m not trying to sound like a narcissist, and I know that there are privacy setting I can enable to block my name better. The point, however, is that I believe society has become a mass grouping of narcissists. Dr. Strangelove  touches on this notion in his book Watching YouTube. Strangelove mentions how YouTube is the ultimate place for narcissists to express themselves, YouTube allows anyone at anytime to say or do anything (with a few restrictions) on camera and share it with the world. Twitter and Facebook and other forms of social media are also narcissistic in nature and in doing so are contributing to the Orwellian society Strangelove has mentioned countless times. When one updates his or her status on Facebook or send a Tweet on Twitter or Checks-in on Foursquare etc they are pretty much letting ‘the Man’ know where they are, who they are with and what they are thinking.

I ran a Google search on 'The Man' and was saddened to discover this does not appear until the third page... what an awful world we live in

Should anyone of any significant power in our government or any other government need to know exactly where you are or were during the day, all they really need to do is check the internet, if you’re anything like me chances are you’ve tweeted or updated Facebook or a blog around that time.

the government will if you kill a guy

And for now that’s pretty much all I have to say. I used to end my blogs with an interesting video that I’ve found on my own time, or some music that is interesting me. But I am not sure if I am into that anymore. I could just end like a normal person… ahh what the hell, here’s a song just for kicks, it makes me happy to share.

  1. I look at tweeting and updating your Facebook as simple pass times. Many of my friends are out “here” sharing, and I want to participate. It’s less about being narcissistic and more about staying in the know. We are a society of people who like to know other people’s business. Before social media, we relied on the gossip circle or grapevine. Now we get to hear it (read it) straight from the horse’s mouth. It’s fascinating!

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