the answer my friend is blowing in the [dust]

If the internet could get dusty, in the literal sense of the word, not in the ‘bro’ sense of the word, I think my blog would be pretty dusty.


Maybe not as dusty as Dusty ‘The Dustinator’ Springfield, but pretty dusty for sure

I clearly haven’t written in this blog for a while, and I find myself hating the new format of the WordPress Website… I can’t seem to figure out how to caption my pictures? I never thought I would complain about a format change, it seems very ‘high school’ but seriously how do I do this?

Anyways, I have a story. I’m sitting in my Qualitative Research class, just minding my own business, complaining about how I do not want to go to my next class, and the next thing I know my friend has switched me into a Dr. Strangelove course. So once again I find myself in a Strangelove lecture, looking up at him  standing on the desk, lecturing about how giving meaning to something is the most valuable commodity in our society. And to be perfectly honest I think he’s probably correct in saying that, because companies and governments work their asses off to convince the masses that their product is more than a product, it’s an idea. Unfortunately, for anyone who wanted to read more about that topic, I have already touched on that subject in one or two of me previous Blogs… Dig deep, it’s there I swear.


bacon is great isn’t it?

This Blog is going to be about something Dr. Strangelove mentioned in his lecture the other day. Strangelove mentioned how in the 1700’s if you wanted to mass produce  literature you needed two skills 1) the ability to make wine, or wine pressing and 2) the ability to make cannons and cannon balls, basically metallurgy. Now, I have studied that time in history in various classes, the Guttenburg press and all that jazz, and I had not ever heard anyone describe the creation as well as Strangelove did. Not the least bit poetic but, it sure is the God’s honest truth.

I have done the reading assigned for next class. And I have to say it was more interesting than I thought it was going to be. I loved the author’s  use of language, I don’t know if he was attempting to insert sexual double entendres (I seriously doubt he was) but he certainly succeeded. Words such as ‘dongles’ and ‘chafed’ are read in the first few paragraphs, and as a 12 year old trapped inside the body of a 20 year old they certainly brought to mind… Stuff…


I wanted to put up a picture that illustrated a double entendre unfortunately even with the ‘moderate safe search’ turned on they were all a little risky…

And for today I think that is enough. I’ve made some really poor jokes, I’ve made reference to the course (I work hard for my notes, I refuse to simply post them online for the world to see) and I may have even sparked an idea for my next blog. But for now this is goodnight, or good day, or good morning depending on when you read this.

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