Go Big Or Go Home

Who ever said “go big or go home” clearly had no idea how to wear a tie. Ties are meant to add to a look, they are not meant to take over a suit, they’re made to compliment it, just add a little touch of shape and colour. The vintage thin tie is what I (and most people) have been into a lot lately. I find that they are perfect because you don’t have to wear them tight and high up on your neck, they look good loose. However should the occasion arise one can tighten up the tie and it still looks just as proper as the more traditional big Windsor knotted tie.

loose and classy

Therefore when choosing a tie, please make sure it is not too wide, otherwise it takes over your whole chest and there’s really no purpose to wearing a shirt in that event.

this is just a whole world of hurt

The above picture leads me to my next point. As important as it is to wear a tie that is the right size, it is also important to wear one with the right colour scheme. Now, I am no expert, but generally I think that a tie that matches the exact colour of ones shirt looks ridiculous. Le Chateau is a killer for this, their ties and shirts are almost always the same colours. Or, if not then they are too bright and tacky, and are accompanied by a plain white tie that just looks terrible. Unless you’re interested in dealing black jack on the strip I would personally try to avoid anything too colourful and solid. There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour, but when it is SOLID colour, or thick colour, then it becomes a problem. Essentially if it looks as though the shirt has been painted with pastels, then back away slowly and move on. If on the other hand you can clearly see that the material of the shirt is a certain colour then your better off. Essentially, you want the look of what your wearing to stand out, not the bright colours… Unless of course you find yourself working in construction sites or out hunting, then go ahead and stand out all you need.

I can't find an example so here's a man on a horse

Lastly, I have not seen this too much, but I have seen it enough that I feel it needs to be mentioned. Do not under any circumstances wear a plaid tie with a plaid shirt. I mean come on, are you insane?!?! It just looks  ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I like plaid, I personally own a  few plaid ties, and I also own one or two plaid shirts, but I never ever wear them together! No matter how much you may think they match, I can assure you they do not actually match.

Brad... I don't know h ow to say this, but I'm afraid you've made a horrendous mistake

So that’s my bit about ties. They are extremely important, if you are wearing a tie there is literally no stopping you; except for ceiling fans and wood plainers of course, watch out for those. Anyways for now I will leave you with something I found a little interesting this week, they’re just a fantastic band:

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