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Go Big Or Go Home

Who ever said “go big or go home” clearly had no idea how to wear a tie. Ties are meant to add to a look, they are not meant to take over a suit, they’re made to compliment it, just add a little touch of shape and colour. The vintage thin tie is what I (and most people) have been into a lot lately. I find that they are perfect because you don’t have to wear them tight and high up on your neck, they look good loose. However should the occasion arise one can tighten up the tie and it still looks just as proper as the more traditional big Windsor knotted tie.

loose and classy

Therefore when choosing a tie, please make sure it is not too wide, otherwise it takes over your whole chest and there’s really no purpose to wearing a shirt in that event.

this is just a whole world of hurt

The above picture leads me to my next point. As important as it is to wear a tie that is the right size, it is also important to wear one with the right colour scheme. Now, I am no expert, but generally I think that a tie that matches the exact colour of ones shirt looks ridiculous. Le Chateau is a killer for this, their ties and shirts are almost always the same colours. Or, if not then they are too bright and tacky, and are accompanied by a plain white tie that just looks terrible. Unless you’re interested in dealing black jack on the strip I would personally try to avoid anything too colourful and solid. There’s nothing wrong with a splash of colour, but when it is SOLID colour, or thick colour, then it becomes a problem. Essentially if it looks as though the shirt has been painted with pastels, then back away slowly and move on. If on the other hand you can clearly see that the material of the shirt is a certain colour then your better off. Essentially, you want the look of what your wearing to stand out, not the bright colours… Unless of course you find yourself working in construction sites or out hunting, then go ahead and stand out all you need.

I can't find an example so here's a man on a horse

Lastly, I have not seen this too much, but I have seen it enough that I feel it needs to be mentioned. Do not under any circumstances wear a plaid tie with a plaid shirt. I mean come on, are you insane?!?! It just looks  ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I like plaid, I personally own a  few plaid ties, and I also own one or two plaid shirts, but I never ever wear them together! No matter how much you may think they match, I can assure you they do not actually match.

Brad... I don't know h ow to say this, but I'm afraid you've made a horrendous mistake

So that’s my bit about ties. They are extremely important, if you are wearing a tie there is literally no stopping you; except for ceiling fans and wood plainers of course, watch out for those. Anyways for now I will leave you with something I found a little interesting this week, they’re just a fantastic band:


Summer Time Brah

I have a beer on my  desk that has replaced the stress ball, I’m not wearing socks, and the sun is shining, this can only mean one thing… School is over and my summer break has officially begun! As I write this blog (the first blog of my summer) I am listening to some amazing music. I am using a site that I stumble upon, it’s called 8tracks and it is quickly becoming my new favourite website. The idea i s super simple, people create and upload music playlists, and other can listen to them and comment on them. I myself have made an account and have been commenting on all sorts of playlists.

if my comments were art, they would look like this

The best part about the whole thing is that you can find people who like the same music as yourself, only because they’ve made a playlist of music, chances are they’ve found music that you’ve not heard before, but will like. It is a great way to find new music, which is important if your like me and need new music in order to survive.

It’s surprising, I thought that when the leash was removed and I could write about whatever I wanted on this thing, I would  have loads to talk about. However once again I find myself unable to think of anything (communication related or not) to write about. I have been thinking lately about fashion, but I don’t think I want this to turn into a fashion blog, but if I do choose to write about fashion there is one thing readers must understand, I am very interested in fashion, and I do write a blog, but I am ONLY interested in women. Not that I have anything against anyone who makes different lifestyle choices, I just do not wish to be misunderstood.

I subscribe to GQ magazine, and I really so have a thing for suits. I feel that there really is nothing a man can’t do, if he’s wearing the right suit. Which means it not only needs to have the right combination of colours and style, but it must also be correctly fitted. Now I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how to dress, because thats  GQ’s job. But I do have some favourite items, or looks that GQ has had in their magazines over the course of my subscription, and I would be interested in sharing them.

Skagen Denmark

The first is this watch, or watch maker. Skagen Denmark is a watch and sunglass producer that I found thanks to GQ. I am in the process of ordering a watch from them. The watch is classy, but not fancy, which is something I would say is very important because it allows the owner to wear it with anything. The best part about it however is the price, it’s a nice watch for an affordable price. The only problem however is that Skagen Denmark only ships to the USA, they do not offer Canadian (or international) shipping. So I have had to make arrangements with a friend of mine in t he US to bring it home for me the next time he comes home from college.

In the event that someone at Skagen Denmark see's this post: Canada is the red country featured above.

Stuff like that really upsets me, just because I can get the watch sent to Watertown which is literally an hour and a half away, but I can’t get it sent to my house, just because I live outside of the USA. Anyways that’s going to be the post for now, because I’m done my beer and I haven’t read the entire issue for th is month, and I can’t remember anything specific I’d want to talk about in the older issues, but hopefully I can continue to write these blogs through out the summer as a means of keeping my mind  from turning into mush.

Next time I think I'll go on about ties, so you know... that could be exciting

COPS and why you owe it your life

This could be the last blog post I write, at least for my class. This is the eleventh post under the category Pop Culture, which means I have officially written one blog a week for every week of this semester. Time seems to have flown by, and I’m not going to lie, a lot of shit has gone on in my life since I started this blog, but I think I might keep writing it just to see what happens. We’ll see.

I’m not really sure what to write about for the last post of the semester, which seems to be a problem a lot lately. I seriously have not seen anything interesting in my culture as of recent, at least not something I can relate to this blog by any stretch of the imagination. Here’s what I’m thinking, I’m going to turn on my TV and whatever channel comes on first, I will surf up three channels, and whatever is on, I will analyze the hell out of it… So here goes:

Alright well the channel I end up on if I do this honestly is a French so that really doesn’t work, so I’m skipping the French channels and only counting English ones, because I don’t speak French. I end up on CityTV, currently they’re playing an hour of Judge Judy. I haven’t watched this show in a long time, but I used to watch it from time to time… Mostly before the internet.

Currently on the show Judy is dealing with a man and wife. The man cheated on the wife and the wife is now suing the husband because he abandoned the wife and left the wife with a house that she cannot afford. Anyways that’s besides the point, what I’m thinking here is how the hell did shows, and shows like this, become popular? Why on Earth would anyone want their trial to be broadcasted to the entire world?

Well, from what I understand, they became popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, which is I’ll mention again, before  the internet was what it is today. Court television is one of the original reality shows. People are being filmed in unscripted and entertaining settings.

Patrick Dempsey also had something to do with all this

Now I know I said I was going to analyze Judge Judy, but to be quite honest I can’t stand to watch these rednecks yell at each other over something most people can sort out for themselves in a  domestic setting. Which leads me to want to discuss something with a bit more class. That something being, what I consider, the REAL first reality show ever produced:


I have an obsession with COPS, some would say it’s an addiction. My argument is that COPS is the original reality TV show, because it started in 1989, which was, as far as I can tell, before anything  like a reality TV show. Unless you count all of the 1950’s and 60’s candid camera shows, but I would argue that those were partially scripted, because they use real actors and actresses on those shows. Plus it’s my blog, and we all know it is by no means scholarly, so let’s just go with this ok?

COPS made TV real. Now whether you love reality TV or hate it, you have to admit that inspiring something that has given us so much over the last few decades is pretty impressive. And as for COPS, they’ve had 23 seasons, so they must be doing something right. Reality TV has shaped channels like MTV (which apparently used to have music associated with it’s channel?) and Much Music, TLC, the list goes on and on. But the point is that COPS is the reason teenagers and bored housewives have managed to survive as long as they have. COPS, and in turn all the other reality TV shows that sprouted from COPS, bridged the gap between the end of good MTV and the internet. I think we all need to give COPS a round of applause for saving countless lives, and that’s all I really have to say about that.