Communications students and why we need to get over Facebook…

As I write this I am sitting in my research methods class “listening”  to student presentations on what people learned about doing a research question.

I use the term "listening" very loosely

I can’t help but notice however that almost every group so far (and we’re about a third of the way through the presentations) has done some sort of Facebook study. Which is cool, I understand that. Facebook has become a huge part of the world, especially the western world, but come on! Social networking such as Facebook has become the hip new awesome thing to do, but do we really need to continually study every aspect of it? TV is still on isn’t  it? People are still making commercials and advertisements aren’t they? We still possess the ability to call or text one another don’t we? SO THEN WHY THE HELL ARE WE ONLY INTERESTED IN FACEBOOK ALL OF A SUDDEN?!?!?!


I am not proposing that communication courses should stop allowing students to do projects about Facebook, however maybe we should start to limit the amount of projects allowed to be related to Facebook. Honestly it’s getting way out of hand.

Another problem I have is with the fact that Facebook is not the only form of social networking out there. I dont’ know if anyone reading this has ever heard of Twitter? Or tumblr? Or just by being on my WordPress site you’ve obviously found at least one other social networking site… THIS ONE!

I would like to apologize to to anyone reading this because it literally is nothing more than a rant, there is no proof or research that has been done in writing this, it’s purely me expressing myself. My opinion is worthless, but this is my blog so I’m putting it out there anyways.

case and point

Now I am not just ranting about this because I am tired and frustrated with having to listen to countless presentations about Facebook. I am also writing this because if we do not look at other forms of media, Facebook is going to take over the entire department. We are going to make Facebook the new communication studies and literally everything else will become an old study. I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way but the majority of people running the ads in todays world are evil, and there’s all those people who say Mark Zuckerburg is also evil. So maybe we should keep an eye on the media in whole, rather than just the media related to Facebook.

But that’s just me, that’s just my opinion, and this is where it ends, because if i go on any further I won’t be making any sense at all because:

I'm just rattled

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