If I had a Million Dollars…

Alright well I am really running out of things to talk about here. Last class Strangelove was M.I.A. Apparently he’s gone to Amsterdam for a conference or something. We watched a documentary about Canadian popular culture. Apparently “cheemo” was a popular made up word for a few weeks in the 70’s. Learning this really made me laugh, but it also answered one of my life-long questions.

Where did they think of the name for this company?

Perogies are made by a company called Cheemo, I noticed this the other day while working with  them at my job as a grocery clerk. I thought the word had an interesting ring to it, I just didn’t realize where it came from. I now however, understand that it is apparently a word Canadians made up to try and shape their identity. The term can also be applied to people who are emotional (or emo as the kids are saying  these days) who wears Lonsdale clothing.

Thanks to the movie, which I just realized I haven’t given the name of yet, it’s called “Souvenir of Canada” for those of you itching to know.  The movie really opened my  eyes up to a number of things that I had no idea were Canadian before. I decided I would do a little research of my own to see what else was Canadian in this world, what I came up with is pretty fantastic.
Anti-Gravity suits were invented by a team lead by Wilbur Franks, which seems pretty impressive if you ask me, especially considering they did it in 1941, which if I remember correctly, was during WWII. Seems like a pretty crucial time to have the right suit for the job.

"Meh, piece of cake..."

Another invention I came across was the garbage bag. Harry Wasylvk and Larry Hansen, who must have had an awesome friendship, based of course on the fact that their names rhyme, invented the green garbage bags we use today. They invented then in 1950, up  until the 1950’s the Mafia was forced to roll their victims up in rugs, but thanks to sheer Canadian brilliance they no longer had to waste valuable rugs and carpeting.

I can only assume this is the thanking the two men recieved

The last and final invention I was surprised to see on the list of inventions is the snowblower! No I’m just kidding, that one seemed pretty obvious, however the television camera does not. I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer American TV to Canadian TV, however it makes me proud to know that without a Canadian inventor the Americans, and everyone else for that matter, would not have what could be called the biggest invention of the 20th century.

thanks Canada

So that is it. I saw a lot more Canadian inventions I was impressed with, but I do not know how long this writers block is going to last, so just in case I have to do a second installment I think I’ll end this one right here. But in true blog fashion here is a Canadian video to watch for a bit to keep yourself amused. Never ever forget how awesome these guys were:

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