It’s The One That Makes You Poop II

For those of you who have not read the first part of this post, I suggest you do that before reading this one. It’s here.

Anywho, I’ve been doing some thinking and I like what we have so far in terms of the slogan. However I feel that we need to use both slogans, one for kids and the other for older people. We need to use the slogan “All Bran: It’s the one that makes you poop!” for kids, and then, because adults don’t generally like to think about poop we will be a little bit more discrete for them. Plus adults have been keeping All Bran in business for a long time now, so we should have no problem selling to old people more.

We have the slogans, now all we need is a picture that can fit with both, and also appeal to both audiences…

works for me

I feel that an image like this will make young people and the elderly alike laugh when they see it, plus combined with the slogans I feel it’s a sure fire winner. The only problem is that we don’t really want a picture of an old lady on our box of cereal. No one wants to stare at that while they’re eating. Plus that does not really stand out in the most competitive grocery aisle in the grocery store.

It's a multi-coloured marketing hell

We cannot compete with colourful cereals like Froot Loops with a picture of a surprised old lady, we’ll get blown out of the water. But have no fear, because I think I have an idea. Unfortunately it’s not all my idea, it’s originally something done by a small company called Doritos, ever heard of them?

they're kind of a big deal

No I’m not interested in making All Bran Nacho Cheesy flavoured, nor do I wish to make them triangular, what I’m interested in is the packaging Doritos use. I’m going to let you in on a little secret here readers, I work in a grocery store, I have been there way too long, I know that place like the back of my hand. I know what sells and what does not sell. Doritos sell. Look at the picture of the bag above, it does not even say what flavour of chip it is. And yet I can vividly remember having to fill those damn chips up every twenty minutes when they first came out. My suggestion is that we follow Dortios’s strategy and make the new All Bran a mystery.

an orange mystery

I say we just paint the box all orange and put the Kellogg’s logo on the top where it would usually be, and call it a day. Why orange you might ask? Well friend, for one it’s my favourite colour, and also it stands out. I think that if people just see a bright orange box in the cereal aisle with the trusted Kellogg’s logo on it they are going to get curious and buy it. We could even add in something like “look for it in orange” in really small letters on the advertisements with the old lady. This is, in my opinion, the best way we are going to be able to sell All Bran to adults and kids alike. Yes, eventually word will get out and everyone will know that the orange box is All Bran, but by then people will have already bought the cereal and we will be rolling in the money

Based on my Google image search, I now understand that only cats and naked people roll around in money...

So it looks like this is the end of our experience with marketing. Hopefully Kelloggs see’s this and offers me a job tomorrow, but I doubt it. Anyways as always here’s something to look at for a little bit…

if in twenty minutes you still haven't figured out what is happening here, don't bother just move on

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