It’s the One That Makes You Poop

Alrighty, so I think I’ve talked enough about women for the time being, plus on Friday I am going to be posting a video all about women and their role in advertising, so if you haven’t got your fill up till now, hopefully that will do the trick. For this weeks post I am going to write about something different… I just have to think of something that relates to the course first. Give me a sec here…

…Well a lot of this course has to do with Marxism, which is interesting sometimes. And how the people (or person) who controls the mode of production also controls the way society functions, or our ideas and ideologies I suppose would be a better way of putting it.

Capitalism: Getting old men hot wives since 1817

So that’s one thing for sure, but then again that has been done before (by me and countless others) and I want something original to write about tonight. I’m trying to think of anything strange or interesting I’ve seen this week, unfortunately I really haven’t left the house much this week because of the weather. Que the internet! Research time!

Well I’ve been thinking a lot about advertisements and how, if given the opportunity, I would go about making one. Obviously the product would have a lot to do with the way the advertisement was created, but I am willing to do an experiment here if you (the reader) are willing to bear with me. Here’s what I propose, I am going to close my eyes and hit one letter on my key board into a Goggle search. The first product name that comes up from this Google search is the product that I am going to attempt to construct and AD for. So here goes; the letter is: “K”. There are a few products that I see here, one is Kellogg’s cereal, but that’s too easy, making cereal commercials literally consists of either misspelling the product name in a way that still makes it pronounced properly, but is in fact spelled wrong (I’m looking at you here Froot Loops), or  advertise to women about how this cereal will make them loose weight (Special K) what the hell is a pilate anyways?

I kid you not, this is the Google image result for pilates

So I suppose I could try and change the game a little and design a new advertisement for a Kellogg Cereal. I guess now it’s just a matter of finding a more specific cereal, there’s so many to choose. For this I am going to go to the official Kellogg website and pick one out of a list. Alright the first cereal on Kellogg’s product list is All Bran and Kellogg’s slogan for All Bran is “Feel lighter and more energetic”. Well that’s fine, I guess, except it’s a little boring. Which is why I suggest we spice it up a little. I think All Bran needs to be for more than  just for old people, because let’s be honest here as of now it’s main demographic is those who have experienced everything they want to experience in this lifetime and are looking for a simple and plain cereal whose name is spelled in good ol’ fashion English. Plus if it helps them move their bowels then that’s always a positive.

"A poop would be nice this afternoon, wouldn't you say so?"

I feel that with  the right touch Kellogg’s could sell this stuff to anyone, mid -life adults, students, teenagers, even kids if they did it right! I mean Wheaties used to sell to kids, and although I have never experienced the cereal, I know what it was comprised of, and it had none of the sugar or strange colours that the cereals of today have. What Wheaties had was a slogan (“Breakfast of Champions”) and household athletes that backed up that slogan.

they even spelled Wheat correctly

Wheaties sells to kids, so why can’t All Bran? I think they can. First we need to change the slogan. If we are going to try and market this for the young and the old I think we should just go right our and say it, say what everyone already knows, that’s right, you know what I’m talking about. “All Bran: it’s  the one that makes you poop!” I mean who doesn’t like a good bowel movement every now and again? I’m 20 years old and I still find it nice and relaxing, old people clearly already like All Bran for what it does to their bowels, and kids, well everyone knows kids like to poop. Or if using the word poop is too descriptive we could change it to “ALL BRAN: It’ll keep you regular”. Or something of that nature. For now I’m going to think about this a bit more and come back to it, it’s getting late and I still have other things to do. We will figure this out though, just give it some time here. For now watch this, it’s entertaining.
  1. February 28th, 2011

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