Viva La Revolución!!

So I’ve officially started filming my women in advertising video. It’s slowly but surely becoming something that will hopefully become impressive to watch. I’m discussing the role of women in advertisements in terms of their past role, their present role, and what the future will hold.

I give you the future

When researching for this project I came across a professor at the University of South California, or USC for short. I was on the website TED (ideas worth spreading) and I found a lecture by Johanna Blakley. I will link her full lecture at the end of this post. Essentially she talks about how women are now shaping the way the media sees the masses and how the internet is changing the way the media targets its audience. In the past marketing and advertising executives would group people based on their presumed interests. For example males aged 18-24 are assumed to be interested in women, fast cars and sports, fairly simple right? However to ASSUME is to make an ASS out of U and ME… Essentially with things like Facebook and Google  where advertisers can see everything about a person advertisers are learning a lot more about people. And because studies have shown that women use the internet more than men, it is women who the advertisers and media executives are studying and getting their most amount of information about. So basically the researchers are studying women and producing content that would attract their attention more than men, because women are the gender on the internet more often.

Whether Blakley is right or not I have no idea, but some of the things she talks about really did catch my attention. I think it would be very interesting though to see if a change in advertising does happen, and women become the cause of the change. I have never lived through a revolution (quiet or non-quiet) but I feel  it’s something I’d be into.

it's all fun and games...

... until someone gets hurt

Anyways that seems like a good place to end this one. I haven’t posted in a while so I’m going to keep it short because I kind of forget how to write. Here’s the video as promised, you should watch it because I did not do it any sort of justice in my explanation.

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