Round Two

So this is the first blog of a new semester. I am going to have to change the title of this blog, because it is no longer about “New Media” but instead is now about “popular culture”. The class is taught by the same professor as the previous class, it’s just a new semester and therefore a new topic of discussion for blogging.

The text book “Enlightened Sexism” by Susan J. Douglas is seriously hilarious. I use these two terms together in a different way than is the norm. I mean that the book is serious in terms of its’ subject matter, but the way the author discusses and describes the subject is hilarious.

I have only read the first chapter of the book but I can already say I am going to like it and find it fascinating. One of the main things I enjoyed about the first chapter is the way the author tells of the culture in and around the years I was born. I have taken history classes and I know (for the most part) what was going on in the early 90’s when I was born however, what I didn’t know was how people and society felt about the issues at hand during my early youth. I had heard of all the TV show’s the book speaks of such as 90210 and Melrose Place I just did not realize how much they meant to some people and how they defined an entire generation in society. So I found that particularly interesting.

Also I did some research on a magazine the author speaks of entitled Sassy and I was amazed to find that people still long for it to make a triumphant return to publishing. There is a Facebook page and multiple archives of issues that people have set up that you can visit and read the articles. I found the articles interesting enough, and I understand why so many people (mostly young women) would fall in love with them. But I got to thinking and I wondered if Sassy would do so well in today’s world? What I mean is, there are millions of woman on the internet right now, writing articles and blogs with the same passion and style as the good people  at Sassy Magazine. I feel that maybe the only reason the magazine did so well was because there was no internet at the time of it’s publication, there were no woman (other than those working at Sassy) who were able to write about things like feminism, and have it reach the amount of people the internet does. For example do a Google search on the word feminism, it pulls up approximately eleven million results. Meaning that with the internet now  in our society and empowering literally anyone  with a connection, people have the ability to write about what is important to them, whether its feminism or Bruce Willis being a space whore. The only reason, I feel, the writers of Sassy did so well for themselves is because they invented a magazine that was different from the  typical magazine  at the time, however their magazine is the same as countless websites on todays internet. Sassy was an inspiration perhaps for countless websites today.

Feminist or not, you have to admit it looks pretty cool

That’s it then, that is my question to you for now. Do you think the magazine would have been as successful if it had tried to publish in today’s society? I’m going to be honest it feels good to be writing again, that Christmas break was beautiful, but my God my brain was turning into mush I think. I don’t have a video to end this blog with like I have done in the past, but I have a picture, one that is of things to look forward to in the future. Summer will come, and this semester will end, and everything will be relaxing and fun again, but for now there’s this.

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