The Morning After, Pillow Talk

This will be the last post on this blog, at least in terms of talking about the New Media course I am in. Today Strangelove held a short lecture basically about everything we’ve discussed already. Big words for simple concepts is the way I see most communication studies, I mean sure the people who think of the majority of these theories are absolutely brilliant, but really it is generally theory, and the problem arrives in social science that it  is impossible to gather natural empirical evidence to prove our theories. Mostly this is because, as Strangelove said, humans are extremely complex, and we are constantly advancing and changing. So the study that some one like Lazarsfield or Luhmann did forty or sixty years ago is almost completely irrelevant now. The internet, and new media, have completely diminished almost all hope of ever being able to empirically study social sciences empirically because the internet is enormous and there really is no end to it. A comedian once claimed that he reached the end of the internet, and Bill Gates came over and shook his hand, obviously this is a joke but it holds some water in terms of my point here. It is literally impossible for anyone to ever see all of the internet, the same as it is impossible for someone to ever see all of the people in the world.

Congratulations friend

What I’m saying here is that because people and the internet are constantly in a state of change, and because both population and the internet are also both constantly growing, it is impossible for anyone to ever make and exact and current study, and use current and exact empirical evidence to prove the hypothesis of their study. So ya that’s how I feel, it’s all just very educated guess work, and obviously it’s extremely difficult to predict something like the internet and it’s future, and I am by no means the man for that job. But what I am saying is that the only futures we do see in the internet are nothing more than predictions, and just about anything can happen.

and I mean anything. Personally I'm banking on this leading to our demise, but that's just me

Any who that was on the verge of being completely unrelated to the course, and it was certainly unrelated to the last lecture. But I suppose this being the last blog, I am allowed a little bit of lee-way and space to rant on about nothing. speaking of which…

Hey look a squirrel!

Alright we’ve reached the end, the part where I give my opinion on the course and then my final words. In short, the course was interesting and I certainly have thought a lot about the world I live in because of it. The video clips and outside sources Strangelove uses in his lectures are always very relevant and also entertaining. The teaching style of Strangelove is like no other professor I have had in my few semesters in University. I really enjoyed the course, and I have gained a new appreciation for blogging, and other “low budget” internet creations. I no longer use the internet to listen/watch/read things endorsed only by big names or popular opinion. And obviously I now have successfully written 22 blogs in one semester, and I understand now why they are so appealing to some people. So thank you Dr. Strangelove, I really did learn a lot from your New Media Course.

And because it’s probably the last time I’ll get the chance to, here is a random music video just to end this bad boy one last time. It’s a good song, listen to it.

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