Goodnight travel well

If I’ve done the math right this is the last post I will be writing for class (number 21). I will be posting one last one very quickly tomorrow morning after Dr. Strangelove’s last lecture for our New Media course. Just to recap what he says. Anyways for this blog I thought I’d write about one of the few New Media sources I have yet to touch on, that being blogging.

It’s strange because when I first heard about blogging I hated the idea. I am the kind of person who strongly believes that for the most part I am not interested in anyone else’s opinion (to some extent) and generally the masses do not care for mine either. So obviously disclosing my opinion on a blog for the entire internet really did not appeal to me too much. But I” quickly learned to not judge something until you try it. yes, I’ll admit it, I think blogging has grown on me, and I have to say this whole expressing yourself online thing is actually not too bad, especially when very few people actually read this thing, and almost no one commented on anything. Which leads me to believe that of the nearly three hundred views (in total) that this blog has gotten, every single one of them has agreed with me, that or it was my Grandmother, and she just talked to me about it in person.

I suppose if there was one thing that I would have liked in my blogs was more comments, I would have liked to know A) who’s reading these blogs, because the stats counter does not tell you who it is that read your blog, only who viewed them. And B) to know the readers opinion and what they thought of the subject and its context. I suppose that will all come in good time though.

Anyways I guess as a closing remarks I would just say that I misjudged blogging and the people who blog, I should have tried blogging before I automatically assumed it was just stupid. I have been thinking about maybe even starting up a blog of my own, or just continuing this one, a blog where I can write about pretty much anything and everything.

So yea, thanks a lot, it’s been fun.

Just as a side note, to anyone reading this on the day it’s posted. If you’re at U of Ottawa this morning and you’re in the library (or close to it at least) look out the window facing Thompson, on the lawns between Thompson and the Caf. There are some very inappropriate symbols drawn into the snow on the lawns, it’s really quite funny. Gives me faith in the goodness of humanity.

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