Do you know who I am?

Does the internet make self disclosure more or less popular among Bloggers? I would assume most people would say yes, it does. This is because typing words into a processor, like I am doing now, or talking in an empty room into a camera, would, in most people’s minds be much easier than talking to real people in real time. I have however been doing some research and essentially what I’ve discovered is that no one really knows. One group of scientist say that self disclosure is more popular online, because of the anonymity, but then others claim it is less popular because writers or producers (depending on whether it is a blog or a vlog) feel that expressing themselves to the entire world is much more difficult than expressing themselves to one or two friends.

this is a little tricky isn't it?

And I would have to agree with the scientist and say that no matter how hard they try I doubt they will ever be able to prove which is the correct assumption. For example here it says that self disclosure in blogs is something most people do more of depending on the subject of the writer, and also the audience the writer is reaching. But how do you prove that this is correct? One of the flaws of studying social science is the idea that the more controlling or “laboratory” our studies get, the further they come from natural or real to life. It is impossible for anyone to know exactly what readers are really thinking about when they write their work because there is no way of reading minds, obviously.

For example, you (yes you, the reader)  are reading this blog, yet you have no idea if what I am writing is even what I am thinking or if I am just rambling on based on what I read earlier this afternoon for a project I had to research. As interested in this subject as I might seem, you have no idea if I would rather be writing about something completely unrelated, like how to BBQ a perfect chicken finger (yes you can do it, you just have to get creative). The point is that it is impossible for you to know what I am thinking about and even if what I am writing is how I feel, or if I am merely writing this blog as a way to get a grade and move on with my education.

To be honest with you I don’t even know why I am writing th is blog, I mean obviously I have been forced to write it for one of my courses, but on the other hand I have to say it has been an enjoyable experience, one that has lead me to actually start another blog of my own, one where I am not forced to write about New Media, or any other specific topic for that matter.

I can write about goats, and how they're so friggin' shifty

I guess my argument, and the argument of most of the people I researched today, is that disclosing online can be beneficial, but like most things it can also be harming. And that most humans choose either to disclose or not to disclose based on a case to case basis, and therefore it really is impossible to really come to any scientific conclusions.

And to end this bad boy with a bang I give you a video that has caused me a lot of time loss this exam season. The man survived just in case you’re wondering…

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