Don’t be Hatin’ Bro

In the last lecture Dr. Strangelove mentioned how our society (and more so the American society) are still hating on Communism. Now, I am not saying our current democratic system is terribly flawed, I would even go as far as to say we’ve got one of the best systems in the history of man. But I am still able to admit Communism had a point. Under the right conditions I feel Communism could create a very just and almost Utopian society.

is this really so terrifying?

I feel the problem with Communism lies in human nature and size. Communism has failed throughout history because there’s always that one guy who feels he should be the leader, he doesn’t “think with this head” if you know what I mean.

case and point

There’s always someone who just cannot put their faith in the group as a whole. Someone who feels they know what’s best, and with a little bit of support, he turns himself into a dictator.

“Dictator” is a term that does not show up in Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, it is not a term involved in “pure Communism”. I am saying that some people are born to lead, it’s not their fault it’s in their genes. And I understand that all systems need some form of leadership, but when it gets out of  hand (as it usually does) that’s when Communism fails.

Yep, she made the face, it's official, things are out of hand

Another reason Communism fails, in my opinion, is because of size. Communism can only work in small populations. Communism in huge groups generally just lead to Bureaucracies or chaos. In order for Communism to work, it has to be segmented into small groups that work together. There needs to almost be levels of Communism, inside the small groups Communism would be practiced and then should the groups need to trade, then Communist values would have to be implemented in the upper trading levels. It’s difficult to explain because, well, I’m a communications major, not a poli-sci major. But that’s how I feel.

That is essentially the closest thing to a political thought your are going to find on this blog, so if you’re looking for more intellectual insight on politics I suggest you move on friend. But because I like to finish this things strong I’m going to end this blog with the ever popular “random song/video of the week!”. Here it is, just in time for the Holidays:

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