Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful… And Since We’ve No Place To Go, Why Not Hit The Mall?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed that the Empire of Mind text book is a bit more difficult to read compared to the Watching YouTube text. So if my blogs start making even less sense than before, this is the cause.

Strangelove talked about how Christmas is coming soon, and about how our economy rests on the celebration of Christmas and the major consumerism it brings. StatsCan reported that in 2003 5.2 billion dollars was made by department stores in the holiday season in Canada alone. A total of 27.6 billion dollars in retail was spent in Canada at Christmas time. This leads me to wonder if our economy is as strong as we claim it to be? When our livelihood is balanced on the hope that our citizens will max out their credit cards once a year, for an apparently religious celebration.

If the Grinch decided to steal Christmas this year, would we survive until next year? I mean the morale of that story is that Christmas is not just about the consumerism, and that despite the Grinch stealing everything the Who’s of Whoville still enjoy Christmas together.

We'll see how happy you are this time next year...

Whereas in reality the Canadian (or Whovillian) economy would completely shut down if something like this were to happen. Assuming the Grinch stole everything before they had a chance to pay for it that is. The point here is that I find it a little worrisome to think that we have no choice but to go into debt in order to keep our economy alive and well.

I also worry a bit about how this came to be? How did we become a society that Capitalizes on the death of “our Saviour”. I’m not debating the existence of Christ or not, and I understand that Christians are not the only ones consuming during the holidays, so let’s just get that out of the way early here.

But for example with Remembrance Day coming up on Thursday there is a debate over whether or not we should make it a holiday. In the Ottawa Citizen this weekend they had a quote from a veteran who attends the services downtown every year. He claimed that as of right now Remembrance Day, especially when it falls on a weekday (such as Thursday this year), is just a day for government employees to take the day off and get started on their Christmas shopping. It’s a little ridiculous to think that the veterans of WWI and WWII and all those who fight even today, gave/give up their lives, so that on the one day we honour them, we can shop for Christmas gifts. That’s in my opinion a little wrong.

There are debates on making Remembrance Day a national holiday. But I feel, and many like me, feel that if we are going to make Remembrance Day a holiday, that would mean shutting down EVERYTHING! If we take away the temptation to shop, and make Remembrance Day be about remembrance then I feel we as a society would be in a better place, and the vterans of our nation would get the full recognition they deserve.

So obviously I’ve gone off topic a little bit here, but I was just trying to show how consumerism, especially in terms of Christmas, literally makes people ridiculous. And I understand that apparently we need this consumerism to survive, and I am even sort of OK with that. But I feel we should put in a buffer zone, only eleven days, a transition period even. A period of eleven days where no Christmas decorations go up, no annoying holiday commercials, Christmas music ect. None of that until November the 12th, we should keep 12 days where we decorate with poppies and we continually remind ourselves that the only reason we have the ability to participate in Capitalism and consumerism is because millions of men and women suffered.

Thats is I suppose. That is my rant, that started as something that really related to the course (consumerism at Christmas time) and turned into an opinionated rant that has very little to do with new media or the course in general. But like I said this is getting harder to do, and as this blog advertises, this is new media according to someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Anyways thanks for reading.

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